Who are Proflex Pipe Technologies AS


Proflex Pipe Technologies wants to be a problem solver for its customers. The company will further develop already used technology and produce satisfactory and innovative products. By developing its own products , Proflex has acquired important knowledge about different plastic materials, including PP, ABS, electrically conductive PS, and flame retardant PVC.

Environment and quality:

Proflex Pipe Technologies has a conscious quality and environmental policy. We produce and supply pipes with high quality and the lowest possible environmental impact.  Our products are the result of handwork.
Each and every product is inspected and tested according to the customer's standards and wishes.
Proflex wants to be an environmentally friendly company and therefore uses local arrangements for sorting waste. Own products are recycled, and new products are produced based on this recycling. 

Cooling water for cooling the plastic profiles is filtered and reused, so that the production has a water consumption of almost zero. Our production does not contribute to any polluting emissions, or is a burden on the environment.

 All employees at Proflex Pipe Technologies must have environmentally conscious attitudes and actions, and ensure that Proflex is a sustainable company that takes responsibility for the environment.